Bcalm 4-Pack

Bcalm 4-Pack


Save over 41% with this 4 multi-pack of bcalm inhalers.

4 single bcalm inhaler

Medical and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved medical device, will now last up to 28 days.

  • Natural, doesn’t contain drugs
  • Safe to use with other medication
  • Medically proven to counter panic attacks

    Caution: Do not remove the bcalm inhaler from the sealed packaging until you are about to have a panic attack. Keep bcalm with you at all times.

    Refunds given for returned unopened products.

    Shipping: 1 to 2 working days in the UK

    I’ve been fit and healthy my entire life and never expected to be in a position where I required help to overcome a mental health problem. After a bad experience flying I suffered my first panic attack. The attacks continued daily for the next 3 months before I was diagnosed with panic disorder. I tried lots of prescription medication, some were more successful than others, but all had side effects. Being unable to breathe correctly is truly frightening. I never expected bcalm to work. When you are desperate you will try anything; supplements, diet changes, air purifiers, nootropics, prescription drugs, the list is endless. Bcalm has provided me with relief, just 6 breaths and I feel a wave of calm and relaxation. I carry bcalm everywhere.

    Mr P Swift, Southwell, UK

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    Bcalm has been successfully lab tested and is currently being used by panic sufferers around the world.

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